I’m in this with you until your goals are met. I never give up on my clients. If I feel I’m not helping you, I will find a way to make it work, even if that means referring you to someone else.



Julie Romano is an ACE certified independent personal trainer and group fitness instructor with specialty certifications in TRX. Julie offers in-home Personal Training and Small Group Training in Nassau County, New York.  Julie is not your average gym trainer. Her health science background coupled with over a decade of clinical experience makes her uniquely qualified to work with a wide range of populations. Julie does not follow the ever-changing nutrition and fitness trends. She believes trends and fads continue to change for a reason but proper coaching always remains constant. Julie refers to her clients as her “fit family” and each client knows she takes great pride in helping them achieve their goal.

Julie has made a career of working with people who have diverse health and fitness needs. Julie specializes in functional training and special populations. She believes movement is medicine and working

out properly should make daily basic movements easier. Through her extensive background in orthopedics and plethora of knowledge, Julie bridges the gap between physical therapist and personal trainer.