Julie is truly an excellent trainer. I have been training with Julie for almost 2 years, and I can honestly say, she makes you want to get up and go to the gym. She encourages you and helps if you need modifications. Her professionalism, extensive knowledge, and enthusiasm keeps me coming back for more. Highest recommendation.

Jena H.

I first met Julie Romano when she was a trainer at a rowing gym. I had enjoyed her teaching style and made sure to attend as many classes that she was teaching as possible. One day when I came to class I ended up being the only person to sign up. She said that we can focus on anything I wanted to that day. At first I was ready to run out of the building with my hands up thinking I can’t be the only one in this class!! Almost immediately, though, I realized how comfortable I could be with Julie.  After that day I knew I wanted to continue working with her one on one so I hired Julie as a personal trainer. From the end of summer to the beginning of fall we would meet at a local park near my house. What’s wonderful about Julie is that her teaching style is calm, inspiring, and gentle but she’ll push to a level where she knows you can get but one you never thought to push yourself to. Before Julie my opinions about personal trainers where limited. I thought only the wealthy could afford a personal trainer and who had time for one anyway. With Julie I was wrong. I didn’t have to travel anywhere. She met me at a park near my house or at my house on rainy days and she offered training packages that were hard to turn down. I even bought a second package because I just wasn’t ready to end my sessions with her. Julie has taught me the importance of strength, endurance, self-confidence (hello perky booty), proper form, what my core is and how to activate it, and most importantly what to do when she’s not around.  Since my sessions have ended I have truly missed our time at the park but I still hear her voice saying things like “shoulders up”, “heels back”, “lift that higher”, and my favorite “make apples not apple sauce.” If you’re thinking of working with Julie don’t hesitate. You’ll enjoy your workouts even to the point where you’re looking forward to your sessions like I did. The night before my Wednesday and Friday morning sessions I would think “can’t wait to meet up with my girl Jules tomorrow!”  

Julie B.