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WTF Is Remote Coaching?

FPAA believes in being transparent. Remote coaching isn't for everyone. Every consumer should know exactly what they are buying. Before deciding on any online training program, it's important to understand the differences between them. Below you'll find a guideline to help you make the best choice.

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Training Differences

Online Training 


  • Fitness Challenges

  • Programs on Instagram

  • Daily training programs from a website or app

These are premade programs from a template. One cookie-cutter program that’s sent to a group of people.



  • Companies that provide coaching to masses amount of people

  • Group coaching either live or recorded such as Peleton or Mirror.

  • Individual coaching such as Fitbit or Strava.   

These are content creators. Nothing is individualized.

Individual Design

 Remote Coaching

  • 1-2-1 coaching between 1 coach and 1 client

  • Entire fitness experience is personalized and designed daily

  • No cookie cutter workouts

  • Trainer tracks workout results and habits

  • Trainer makes changes as needed 

  • Trainer meets each client where they are 

Remote Coaching Benefits

You may only need a 30 minute session but the gym requires you to sign up and pay for an hour session.

Pay for what you need and want!

Your best time to workout is in the evening but your trainer only has early morning availability.

No more fitting yourself into a trainers schedule!

Your nearest gym is too far and you can't spare an extra hour to get a session in.

Increased flexibility!

You travel frequently for work and often miss workouts.


Never lose progress! Programs are sent daily!


You rely on free workouts or join challenges now and again but have no end game or goals.

Personalized strategic fitness plan that fits your life!

You'd love a trainer but don't have the money so you spend money on cookie cutter training programs or buy a Peloton that you now hang clothes on.

Affordability and accountability. No more missed workouts!

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